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Have you met a Coldplayer outside Coldplaying?


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Damn I just couldnt think of a nice short title for this. Oh well.


So Im sure some of you have met eachother, or also includes talking on the phone, just anything outside the internet really, texts etc.


Me. No. I kinda have an unwritten rule about meeting/talking to people on the net, its just always there in the back of my mind. Its just a littlle....Ah! Theres not even a word for it (Im not even sure if its a clear feeling I have)


But I havent made an exception for anyone :( I feel tempted to sometimes, but generally I dont bother keeping in touch like that with people I know well in real life, why would I do it with people on the net?


The closest I've come have been some crazy webcam convos (You know who you are) :P


SO- share your experiences. Do you talk with anyone on the phone? Text? Met up with them?

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@bart: and has this someone a name?


yes I went to see noni, and she came to see me... !! I almost met kirk at V festival, but bad comuncation put pay to that, and I may be meeting Kasia over the weekend !!

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Hey hey Hayley! ;) Hows Manchester doing today?


Yes! Kirst on webcam (And voice convo tooo) is a NUT, she was so funny. :cool: And she played some of my favourite songs! Despite thinking ill-ly of all of them :D

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awww! ^ :kiss: :embarrased:


that just sounded so sad.. :cry:


I have spoken on the phone with 2 people from the official, a few times actually... (including texts) and one from this board.. (only via text)




aaaaaaand I might be meeting one of them soon... ;)

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