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That 70s Show


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For those of you who have no clue what That 70s Show is, it stars Ashton Kutcher and it's basically about these kids that get high and joke around and everything, and of course it's supposed to look like the 70s.


I love this show, very funny :lol:


has anyone else seen it?

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Hyde is indeed uber awesome. Topher will be missed greatly. Fez is my favorite because the things he say sometimes are so random lol. I forgot what epi it was but i laughed when Fez was like, "Where's my candy, whore?" lol.


I heard that Fez is dating Lindsey Lohan.....? lol



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It sucks anyway! It was good like 4 series ago. Now its just like "GROW UP PEOPLE, GOD DAMN..."


I cant blame Topher Grace for leaving, now hes in movies with people like Scarlett Johansson... Damn she'd get a pumpin..

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I remember like 3 years ago when it was supposed to end and it had its sappy final show (So it was definately going to end) and it was appropriate enough. And then came another series, and another series, and another, and its like they're already in the bonus rounds of pure SUCKAGE. Now the two MAIN PEOPLE in the story have left, I mean, WHY?!

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