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Our Lady Peace


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They were the first concert I went to. I used to like them a lot, and I still do like them just not as much as let's say, Coldplay. Gravity is ok. I hated it at first but it has grown on me. You can tell they were trying hard to make a mainstream album that would be popular in The States. I think that is why Mike left. But good for them for having more of an audience in The States.


My favourite songs are Automatic Flowers, Are you sad?, 4am and Superman's Dead. They are pretty good live too. I've seen them 3 times :) Raine is absolutely insane and at times scary.

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I saw them in 98 at Maple Leaf Gardens, in 2000 at the Summersault festival and last November at the free show at the ACC. The show at the ACC was BY FAR the best I have seen them. I was totally amazed at how amazing they were and how amazing the crowd was. I thought the ACC was going to be filled with people who don't like them but just wanted to go to a free concert, but that wasn't it at all. Everyone was a hardcore fan, and EVERYONE sang along to most of the songs. Superman's Dead was one of the best performances that night, I don't think one person in the entire place was not signing along. It was great.

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yea. It's a change from the stuff you usually here on the airwaves these days. Stuff that is just talking about people being pissed off.


The lyrics had hope in them. And that's why I liked them.

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