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:lol: :lol: I remember i met Melanie Doane (do you know her?) i saw her at a store on Bloor St. and i actually stood there and had an intelligent conversation with her..hahaha...i think we talked about prices of the clothes and traffic..hahaha...she was extremely cool.. :D

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I liked Innocent more than Somewhere Out There. SOT annoyed me the first time I heard it. There are much better songs on that album than the ones they've released as singles so far. Made of Steel isn't that bad either :shrug:

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I just got Spiritual Machines for easter. I'd heard most of the songs from it before' date=' but now I've heard the whole thing. This cd is amazing, and that's not a biased point of view either.[/quote']


Are you sad is the best song on that album.

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i love OLP, one of of my fav bands!!! i have Gravity and love it, most of there older stuff i hate though but some of it so i have a burned CD with a bunch of there older songs that i do like:


One Man Army


Is Anybody Home



Are You Sad

Supermans Dead



and some others that i cant remember the names of them

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