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Where was the Coldplay LIve DVD filmed?

Matter-Eater Lad

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whata waste of a thread



its a perfectly legitimate question... :angry:



yes.. it was in Austrailia.. over the course of 2 days.. (two gigs edited into one) :cool:


no it wasn't, If I made this thread is would of been spam :rolleyes:


he could of pmed someone and asked :rolleyes:

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its not like this thread is hurting you albie' date=' you dont like it, just ignore it. its quite simple really.[/quote']


I have no problem with you making this thread


My problem is Camille and her ways :lol:

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that was a perfect example of a pointless post... :rolleyes:



that's the best you've came up with :rolleyes:


so yeah... it was recorded in sydney? cool. <back on topic> :D

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