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jak hits the jak-pot 11k


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man i made a typin mistake...i fixed it :blush: i ment do u like creating* music like makin music?


And I can't really wait that long lol, It would be a long wait


:( *walkin away dissapointed*


































cheers :D

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Hahaha, You know if it wasn't so far, I would but my posting would die if I had to wait that long :P

Oh and creating musics alright, I play guitar and am kinda in a band that is just in the planning phase at the mo

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hey m8 u maybe the youngest yet very smart nice fellow who made it to 11k even tho i donnu u very well..but i'll be glad to meet ya more


guys show him ur love!! :D


don't kid yourself, he's more ignorant than smart :rolleyes:

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Well thats what the world is like today, It's no longer happy trees and lollypops at every corner

It's paranoia, Violence and presidents that still can't count to 10


be yourself, little child :rolleyes:

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