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I have a 'story' to 'tell'....*wink* [Storytellers 2005]


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Kids... you wouldn't believe where I have been tonight... but before I tell you my story... let me just say... it was single handedly probably one of the most envigorating moments of my life... and I cried upon recieving such news.. well not really.. but there was tears. :)



~At approximately 415pm EST I received a pm here via the board.. asking me to e-mail 'someone who shall remain nameless'... so I proceed to do so from my work e-mail. Mind you, at this time I am at work.. crunch time mind you.. and I really shouldnt be leaving early on a day like today... but I DO!!! here's why... so I e-mailed.. and the recipient proceeds to tell me.. I AM GOING TO THE STORYTELLERS GIG TONIGHT (5/16) AT BAM!!!! (brooklyn academy of music) :D I nearly fainted.. I couldnt believe it! This was a hoax I thought... but no... it was true!!! A ticket and a wrist band would be waiting for me at the press table upon my arrival. I was instructed to get there between 5-7pm so I needed to hustle... it was already 430pm and I still needed to go home and change!!! So.. I leave work early.. drive like a mad woman to my house (30 minutes east) only to drive back after 1hr west!!! I HAD to make there by 7pm... and I got there only 5 mnutes late. :wink3: If you ever been on a NY highway at around 4-6pm.. you know what rush hour looks like!! It aint pretty... but I made it!!!! I get to the table.. say my name.. and ka-ching.. theres an envelope.. with my name.. and my ticket!! (alas no wristband) there was some sort of mix up I believe.. this dude was suppose to get in touch with me.. but he never did.. :embarrased: But none of that mattered!! The venue was very intimate.. about 200 cap. and the set was amazing!! They were recording so.. if the band messed up.. they would have to re shoot the entire song!! :wink3: the show started at about 830pm and ended at around 10ish... they did 1 encore.. and then after it all, they had to re shoot Clocks.. so we got to hear it 2x.. :) they also did a round of Q&A from a few of the contest winners. but only about 5 questions were read. I was sitting behind one of the girls who asked a question... :wink3: you might see me on VH1!!! haha!! (I forgot to mention.. for the Q&A segment.. we were allowed to move down.. so I did!!) I was about 5-6 rows away from the boys when they came back out... they looked mega!! Guy is even finer in person.. and Jonny!!! awww Jonny.... he's quite talkative lately!!! (and so was Guy) AND for the record... it is in fact Guy AND Will singing on Speed Of Sound... :cool: They also ALL sing on Fix You.. <--- beautiful song... my new favorite after Trouble... :cool:They also sang Warning Sign.. I cried in this one.. it was BEAUTIFUL!!!! Particlarly the ending.. when he 'crawls back into your open arms' bit... :cry: mega!


here's the set list....


Square One



Speed Of Sound

Warning Sign


The Scientist

In My Place

Fix You



Till Kingdom Come





the show is set to air on June 8th on VH1.. check your local listings for times.... :cool:


I must say... this was a great day.. the best day ever!! I didnt get to meet them.. BUT I got to see them for the first time... EVER in a small venue... for FREE and I owe it all to my dear mate!!! :kiss: she's mega!!!




I love you!!


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I still cannot believe I just saw Coldplay.. I was very tempted to stay after and wait for them to come out... but I had a some ways to drive home.. and I do have to be at work early tomorrow for having left early today!!! haha! But it was all worth it.. and yet here I am almost midnight.. and I am posting on a MB!!! Its because I love this place!! I had to share.. :blush:

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Wow! That is so brilliant! I bet I can guess who the friend was' date=' but I wont tell. ;) I am probably wrong anyway. :rolleyes: :P How lucky you are, and I will keep and eye out for you on the show. :D Congrats![/quote']



well I am sure you know who it is.. ;) but I didnt want to 'throw the name around'.. :wink3:



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thank you thank you!!


a funny thing that happened before the encore.. lol they guys came out.. and they didnt know which song to play as encore!! lol they literally huddled in stage to discuss what they would play!! lol they ended up with Till Kingdom Come.. Will plays piano on that one.. Chris and Jonny guitars and Guy, the harmonica.. :wink3:

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I wasnt able to snap any pics.. not even of the setup! They were very strict on that... but someone on the official did manage to snap one...its a bit blury but, you get the idea of the stage. I would've tried... but a secruity lady was standing in the aisle next to me.... so I didnt chance it... :embarrased: but there will be a next time..... (I hope) tickets for the US tour go on sale this week so, I am sure pics in an arena are a lot more probable than this small venue. :)

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Woooooaaaaaahhhhh Camu that's the bee's knees! What kind of questions were asked? :stunned:


meh ones really..


one about how/if their fame get in the way of everyday living.... um, this guy actually asked hom where he gets those shirt jackets!! haha! It wasnt his real question.. but everyone laughed... and Chris asked.... "Can I answer that..??" and the answer was from a San Fransico based co. named Nice Collection.... ( I believe) lol they asked him if he ever gets writers block... he made a joke... um, this one guy asked if they ever feel obligated to do charity work.. and Jonny said "No, we choose to.. its a great cause and why not, we live here too! ".. Guy answered a few as well.... they were all equally chatty... it was cool.. :cool:

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:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:




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