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X&Y...Inspired by Chicago?


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Chicago Tribune, Gene Kot May 15th


A similar spirit guided the most productive sessions for "X&Y." Martin was in Chicago with Paltrow while she was filming the forthcoming movie "Proof" in October 2003. He was enchanted with the fresh air blowing off Lake Michigan and the city's skyline, so he summoned Buckland from London to join him at Chicago Recording Company studios on Ohio Street. More than a dozen songs were written, including four that survived to become the core of the next album...


(great article)


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I thought you meant Chicago the movie :lol:



Me too! :lol:


"We screwed up royally, and we should be assassinated for it." - Chris


Man... I love his humour. So wry, so over the top. He really nitpicks all their failings and magnifies them 100% and broadcasts them to the whole world :D

*sigh* My band - the most adorable band in the world...


Thanks boshea for the article, some bling for ya :)

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of course chicago is awesome. :cool:


that's why gwyneth was at the Metro this May to see him perform there...


i remember when she was filming the movie proof and i thought it was way too coincidental that he made that song at around the same time.. i assumed it was because of her.

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