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I found another thread titled "Elvis" but it was a stupid thread. About :elvis: this smilie.


My flatmate just lent me her Elvis #1's and #2's albums.... Ahh so good :cool: The guitar on the original Suspicious Minds is tremendous!


If you look beyond all the re-re-....re-released singles, this man was a total icon when it came to writing lyrics and this man had a truly amazing voice.


When the speakers are turned up "I can't help, falling in love with you" is great! :lol: As is:

"Maabye I didn't trreat you, quite as good as I should have..

maybe i didn't love you as much as i should have...

little things that i should have said and done

i just never took the time...

you were aaaaalways on my mind..!" .......

*stands up*

"telllllllllllllllllll me, tell me that your sweet love hasn't died?

giiiiive me, give me one more chance to keep you satisfied".




Highly successful career for a man who used to be a gravel truck-driver :wink3:






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woohoo finally a good thread :P

i LOVE elvis i have most of his songs

my favourite song for him is hound dog

he really is the best career singer ever, he has really amazing song

and the new mixed song ( a little less conversation is not bad)

and i also really love "only fools rush in" and "love me tender" and lot more :embarrased: hehe


and ofcourse heartbreak hotel "when my baby left me..."

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WOOHOO thanks johnny_t, I thought this thread was destined to fade into obscurity :dizzy2:



sure thing :)

too bad almost everyone i know hates him :confused:

i mean ppl say that they like blues songs and they hate elvis, but elvis have alot of bules songs and he stoled one or 2 from the black community :P back then

so it makes no sence!! :/

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