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perfect setlist


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Whoever read the mtv article about the sos video should know this already. Coldplay will change its current setlist. The current setlist is good but can be so much better. They have to add more Parachutes songs. That should be the current thing to think about. Some trouble, shiver, and everythings not lost would be perfect. Personally, I think there setlist should be 17-20 songs. That would be perfect.


1. Politik (better than square one)

2. White Shadows

3. Don't Panic

4. Warning Sign

5. Sparks

6. X&Y

7. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

8. Trouble

9. Clocks

10. Shiver

11. Square One

12. The Scientist

13. Speed Of Sound

14. What If

15. Everythings Not Lost

16. Yellow

17. A Message

18. In My Place

19. Fix You

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I am not sure why you think that adding Parachutes songs would be the thing to do to make the setlist better, this is more of a tour to promote X&Y. My personal opinion would be for them to play most of the album X&Y, quite a few from A Rush and few old good one from Parachutes. Open with Square One (Politik is a great opener but this for X&Y, new stuff, not old), end with Fix You, and hear the best of Coldplay in between. :)

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I hope they include Trouble in their setlist...I've always wanted to hear that one live for some reason. Probably because it was the first Coldplay song I ever had the pleasure of hearing :)


And then for my very unrealistic dream....They finish their set, come back out for on encore and play Crests of Waves. I'd DIE. But it'll never happen.. :embarrased:

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I think the current 1-2 punch of Square One and Politik works very well. Politik does seem like the song to really get the crowd going at the beginning but they'd been opening with that for a couple of years already. I'm sure they want to switch it up and try new things out this tour.


Also, One I Love was in the setlist for the last couple of years so we might be looking at some b-sides from X&Y making their way on to the setlist. Things I Don't Understand or Proof?

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and they got sick of shiver, yellow and trouble. i cant remember the last time they played sparks live.


and im pretty sure they've never played help is around the corner, for you or we never change.




silly newbies. :lol: :blush:

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1. Politik

2. Trouble

3. Clocks

4. What If

5. One I Love

6. In My Place

7. Moses

8. Shiver

9. Speed Of Sound

10. We never Change

11. Rush Of Blood to the head

12. Warning Sign

13. Low

14. Fix You


encore: Amsterdam

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This is a very cool thread ... This is on the basis I have not heard the new album yet.. apart from Speed of Sound..




God Put a smile upon your face.


Speed of Sound

The Scientist


We never change

Everything is not lost..



In my place






Lips like Sugar



Green Eyes

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right this would be mine,


1. Politik

2. White Shadows

3. one i love

4. Warning Sign

5. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

6. Things I Dont Understand

7. Clocks

8. Shiver

9. The Scientist

10. Speed Of Sound

11. What If

12. daylight


13. square one

14. Yellow

15. Take Me Out (Franz Ferdinand Cover :P )

16. In My Place

17. Fix You

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