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Champions League Final

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I was quite pissed off when the commentator said that the trophy was Milan's when we were 3-0 down!! :rolleyes: :angry: But then again, who would have thought we could come back by winning on the penalty shootouts!!!!! :cool: 3 goals in 6 minutes!!Amazing stuff!! :stunned: :stunned:


Shevchenko looked VERY disappointed after the match, poor thing!

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Yes, simply amaaazzzziiing final. Glad I stayed up to watch it :D

Who would've believed- to recover from 3-0 against an Italian team and then go on to win...

Btw, that end of the pitch must be charmed or something... Why can't anybody score at the other end :huh: :lol:

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I almost left the pub at half time! I couldn't watch anymore, AC have such an amazing defence as well, to get back the 3 goals after such an atrocious first half was probably the most amazing footballing feat that i've ever seen! And for so many goals in the final as well, most people thought it would get to penalties off a nil-nil draw!! Dudek was a hero!!! I do feel sorry for Shevchenko though would have much rather had him score his penalty and had Stevie G slot his home for the win!

I still can't get over what an awesome match it was though! :D

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