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Today I Listened To CP For The First Time In A Year & A

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Wow...i don't think I've ever gone a YEAR without Coldplay but I know I have gone a long time without them. I love the feeling of listening to the CD again after a long break and realizing how much you love it :)

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You never felt inclined to give ANY of their songs a little spin?

I fell out of love with Nirvana a few years back, but that's because I was a stupid, insecure little teenager when I was a fan of theirs. I still listen to some of their best songs from time to time.

I could never get tired of Coldplay.

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^well for me, i did listen to them once in a while, but it never gave me a certain feeling that i was looking for. i don't have the full feeling yet but from what i heard of the album i know i will :D i'm just really excited for the new cd. during that time i got into one band for a couple months, then fell in and out of different bands for a while, changing about every 2 weeks :lol: that's what i used to do before i heard coldplay and they were my favourite for a long time.


i got sad though, because of one band that pulled me out of coldplay, for a long time i couldn't find music that actually made me feel how i used to with coldplay. :/

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