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Well hello peeps, 'tis spring here and I finally got round to my bin. What a shit heap. The first thing I had to get past was all the little spiders who had made it home for the last 6 months. Before you ask, no I didn't take pictures, I could hardly breathe around it. See, thing is because there was no air getting into it, some of it was only half-decomposed. including the hamster sawdust from october which incidentally was full of hamster wee. That was from Sooty, bless it's little pink feet. (That hamster is dead now, if your a newbie here).


ok so, as it wasn't compost it was no use to me. I emptied the whole lot onto the floor (~50kg or so), and with my P3 mask on I shovelled the whole lot into the black wheelie bin. took about 4 goes, and 20 minutes. I didn't puke once, although I did heave a couple of times. The bin men came and took away the contents yesterday. Wonder what they thought I'd been up to.


Anyway, I though it best you all know what happened. again, sorry I don't have pictures. makes note: MUST TRY HARDER THIS SUMMER. :dozey:

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Hehe...I had this summer-ticker in my sig...and you always said:"Oh no is still so long until summer?"....."My flowers didn't grow yet!"....:wink:

Therefore I asked!

ah them daffodils. Nope they haven't turned yellow yet. SOmething fucking wrong with them I reckon :veryangry:
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