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Why I Believe X & Y Is Receiving Mixed Reactions:

Miggy D

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miggy there is nothin u said which was wrong...i cant belive how u have put ur thoughts in writin like that and i must sau that u are one hell of a guy :)

just a simple add or actualy reminder on wt u said:

Martin's lyrics have changed as well. This album is full of intellectual questions - questions about fate, communication, distance, technology, meaning

that is why they chose to call this albus as x&y...think about it ;)


we are glad to have u on board my friend...keep ur briliantness flowin ;)

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what attracts me more to coldplay and makes me respect them more is that not all of their music is easily accessible. this fact keeps those people who are not truly into their style of music at bay and lets them focus their attention on maroon 5 and justin timberlake :)

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Hi everyone!


I´m new to this forum and haven´t posted before, but I must say I´m baffled by these comments regarding the new album. In my mind, this album is extremely immediate, I fell in love with it right from the start, not a bad song on it! I had some trouble getting my head around AROBTTH when it was released, didn´t even much care for In My Place at first, but these songs just makes me a gibbering idiot :P at once!


My first Coldplay contact was when, half-dozing through MTV´s alternative nation, I discovered Yellow. What a song!!! Since I live in Sweden, I got my sister (who lives in London) to get me the album when it was released.


Although I love Parachutes and AROBTTH they have NOTHING on this new album.

I´ve been quite anxious these last few months about the new album but, high as my expectations have been, they have been surpassed by far. This album is nothing short of a masterpiece.


No, it´s not revolutionary in the sense that Ok Computer was, it feels more like a natural progression, but what a progression. The songwriting, the emotion, the production, my heart just soars listening to these songs.


The best one? Talk. It has fierce competion, especially from Square One and White Shadows, but Talk is in a league of its own.


Thank you Coldplay, for giving us this!

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I think its evolving for the better.


He's totally right listening to a band writting the same type of tunes over and over again in new albums gets very boring. It was weird though. With this album I liked it instantly. It instantly grew on me after one listen. I think coldplay is evolving for the better.


Reminds me of how people might be angry at the new oasis album to. Which i think is a brillant album. Sounds so much different compare to any other album which is brillant 'cause i get so bored listening to all the old Oasis albums.

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yeah miggy wow, exactly my thoughts. well a little more sophisticated but yeah :P i agree completly, although i do miss the ballades. *pang for the scientist* but it's great that they're evolving their sound, it also gives us a great variety of songs if you know what i mean. :)

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I miss their piano too...alot. I listened to AROBTTH today kind of in between my listens of X&Y...and it hit me how much I do miss it.

I like the end of The Hardest Part where the piano kicks in though :)

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This album just isn't clicking for me. Maybe I shouldn't have played Parachutes, AROBTH then X&Y on my playlist for a full day. X&Y just fails to have any standout lyrics or moments. With the exception of Twisted Logic, a lot of the album is too similar for my tastes.

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