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I'm probably the first guy owning the new EP


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It's totally crazy! My father went to a cd shop today (fnac bruxelles) and said the guy his son is a huge coldplay fan blablabbla and this guy finally got back to the stock and gave one cd to my dad!!!!!!!!!!


So: they divided the songs in 2 parts: first the x songs (these are the first six ones) and then the y songs (these are the six last except the hidden track), inside the booklet til kingdom come is marked as a +


then tere are some artistic pics of the guys on lila background on left side and blue background n the right side...u can't really see the guys very well it is very somber etc.

on next page theres the whole baudot code alphabet including signs like & ! / etc.

then ther is again on left side on yellow background pics of the guys then on right side theres a pic on green background of the guys in studio


on the last side on the left side there is all the thank you etc.. and on the right side on background like the x&y cover ther is written make trade fair in baudot code...


so thats it...hope u won't die waiting till monday hehe



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just thougt about a thing because i'm not a professional in law things:


is it actually legal to sell a cd on 3/6 if the worldwide release in stores of it is the 6/6?


Just, because i don't know why they put the release on 6th if you can have it on third....

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