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How much did you pay for X&Y?


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I don't know the prise in pounds, but it costed me 179 Swedish crones. That must be about 19 euros.


*You're mad!! That's the price of a double album over here!! Check out CD Wow on the net - cheapest prices and worldwide free delivery!!

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I hate this coutry. No goodies at all. Blegh. I'm gonna start a conspiracy against the Free Record Shop' date=' anyone wanna join me? :sneaky:[/quote']


Nono, not me

Thanks to the FRS I got discount at the Plato :D

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Me, kidding? I'm never kidding :P

At least.. Irene, I'll be your friend if you'll do something for me.. (I'm not gonna say it right here but it has something to do with a ladder and the jeans of Anne P :P )


Ooh how I loooove blackmailing people.. :smug:

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