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How much did you pay for X&Y?


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Isn't 16.90 Euros pretty cheap for an album though? I mean I remember looking at the shops there and everything was around 20 Euros. They had sales, 2 for 20 euros, but in Canada, that translates to 1 album for $17 or so, which is...not on sale to say the least. Heh.

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£8.95? Sure you don't mean £8.75 - that's how much I got it for from there. I was really surprised when it arrived on the release date - they say delivery's 5-7 working days from despatch date and that was the Saturday :D

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I like to meet the actual band and get them to sign items in person.


Yeah, did that already. I figured another item that's signed wouldn't hurt. Plus, it's better than getting the CD single instead (which I also got).

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