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Ever think about making your own Coldplay video?


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Some people have done this already,but only a couple have posted their videos.But i was wondering if anybody ever thought about taking any Coldplay song that they thought they could make a video too.Like your own personal video. What realistic and easy ideas or concept would you come up with for your video and what song would you use?Would you get your own actors or just a simple video with no actors and just nature or some computer effects?Being some of us only have a video camera or digital camera that takes videos so some peoples options would be limited.But im not very good when it comes to computers but i guess i have this little music video thing on my comp so i just thought it might be cool to make a video or somethin lol i dont know.but anyways what song would you use and what would be the concept behind ur video?

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Guest LiquidSky

Hi Alex


I once thought I had watched the "Such A Rush" video..I was so amazed about it (the video)..it turned out I was dreaming..(How embarrasing :embarrased: ) But it would be nice to make a video of it though.. hmm if I had to choose which song to do for a video.. Hmm it would etheir be Such A Rush or Where is my boy..


Are you thinking of making a video of them?

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