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10th July 2005 Hofstetten/Grunau (Austria)


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Ok, as it seems no one is posting a review here, i will do it. The show took place on a mud filled terrain.


Richard Aschroft started the show, and boy, can this boy sing it. Altough i don't know if he always gives the impression of a drugged out junkie as this was my first time seeing him, but nontheless, he was great. Played for an hour, with all his (and the Verves) greatest songs, closing it out with bittersweet symphony. He was really into it by the last song, you could just feel the emotions he puts into his performance. He was acompanied by a guy on piano (Richard played acoustic guitar). Bittersweet symphony and the DJ Shadow bit were done on pre-recorded music, but in the end it's his great voice that really puts the song into your heart. Richard promised that Coldplay are going to deliver the greatest show on the planet, and they didn't dissapoint. All the standard songs from this tour.

I don't quite remember the setlist, but it was pretty close to other shows being played.

Clocks was awesome, Chris and the band were playing faster and faster at the end to an unbelievable crescendo... fucking great.


One song I will never forget for the rest of my life is Fix You. This is THE greatest song to be played live EVER. With Chris swinging that lamp hanging from the ceiling and triggering the fireworks. I am lost for words for this performance. Tears were running down my face when Chris said his last Danke. This is one show I will never forget.


Thank you COLDPLAY for making my life a little brighter.

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i was there yesterday too!

it was sooo great!


richard ashcroft was also nice to hear.


i was a little bit suprised to hear "warning sign".

and it was funny as chris said "i'm happy to be in australia" hmmm ok, he noticed the mistake and said "austria" :lol:



it was a great concert and a wonderful night!!!



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Square One



God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

Speed of sound


Warning Sign

Everything's not lost

White shadows

The scientist

Till Kingdom Come

Don't Panic





Swallowed in the Sea

In My Place

Fix You


I could swear What If was somewhere in the set, but just don't know exactly where...

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Does anyone have a recording of the Austrian show on the 10th of July??? I have some high resolution pics if you are willing to trade... Where shall I look for a recording???


I've just got the news that the East-European leg of Coldplay's tour had been cancelled and will be rescheduled later.


It's a shame.

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Can I ask you a question???

My best friend was at the concert in Austria too, and she told me she threw a pink puppet on the stage :o ...did you see that? ;)


hmmm no sorry :embarrased:

but i saw a guy threwing a beer glas on the stage. :confused:

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Some more pictures are on these sites:


1. Professional pictures:











2. Pictures taken by other fans:









3. My own pictures: :D :D




(For anyone who's interested, I also uploaded my pictures from the London gig:



I hope that I could help you, enjoy the pictures :)



I really love this picture I've taken while Chris was going crazy :P

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no show in Budapest


No, there won't be a Coldplay show in Budapest this November. This was confirmed by the Hungarian promoter. All Eastern European dates will be rescheduled when fall hits our lonely world.


So everyone was taking pictures of Coldplay in Austria???! No recordings???!

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Re: no show in Budapest


So everyone was taking pictures of Coldplay in Austria???! No recordings???!


Yeah, I really regret that I didn't manage to record something.. I don't have an MP3 player or a mobile phone that can do that, but I wish I would have asked some friends.. Well, I made about 4 videos, but all of them got pretty bad, because my camera isn't good enough to capture the bass!

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