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Anyone ever heard of 'Shoegaze Rock'?


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Shoegaze Rock


Named after the fan's propensity to stare at their shoes while dancing, shoegaze or shoegazer as it is sometimes called is characterized by its sound. Typically the music which was characteristic of this genre was loud, with droning riffs, distortion, and feedback. Vocals and melodies disappeared into the guitars, creating an almost orhestral sound where no instrument was distinguishable from the other.


A type of alternative rock apparently...?

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Of course I have heard of it. This includes bands such as Graham Coxon, Mojave 3, Yo La Tengo, Gloria Record, Stereolab and more. And more common bands like My Bloody Valentine, as has been mentioned, were the epitomy of shoegazer rock.

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The genre also includes bands like Slowdive and Lush. (The Cocteau Twins are also considered a proto-shoegazer band.) "Loveless" by My Bloody Valentine is considered by many to be the best shoegazer album, with Slowdive's "Souvlaki" and Ride's "Nowhere" also well-regarded.

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Was around in Britain till Britpop (another buzz word) replaced it.


Stone Roses is the band best known for it with their self titled album considered a British all time classic.


Early Blur and The Verve stuff was shoegazer too, 'She's so high' being a shoegazer anthem, its sometimes called Dream pop as well as Shoegazer.

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was radiohead part of the late shoegazer movement in the pablo honey era, or am i making that up? i may be confused with another band, but i could have sworn i read that in the radiohead book i have.


I always through of Pablo Honey as RH jumping on the punk/grunge band wagon.

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Boss Shoegazer Songs


Cocteau Twins - Carolyn's Fingers, Bluebeard

Slowdive - When The Sun Hits, Souvlaki Space Station

Amusement Parks On Fire - Venus In Cancer, In Flight

Verve - Gravity Grave, Slide Away, A Man Called Sun

Spiritualized - Shine A Light

Ride - Seagull, Vapour Trail

Engineers - Said And Done, One In Seven

Giant Drag - Kevin Is Gay

MBV - To Here Knows When, Sometimes, Blown A Wish


For me this summarizes 90s and post 90s shoegaze. Get on these tracks!

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Yeah you're right, by that point shoegazing had died down completely and grunge was on it's way out... but it was the whole Britpop phase that really got RH noticed.


People say the Bends was brit pop, I can't see how personally. When I think of brit pop I think of bands heavy of regional accent, sneering away about life of the working class in a happy, over produced poppy way. Closest RH came to anything of the sort was Let Down which wasn't very dancable.


OK Computer stood out to Americans as being a none Brit pop release from the UK, if Radiohead sang something like boys and girls or Common people Id propably say they were brit pop, but their big 90's hits were Paranoid andriod and Street Spirit.

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