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*not official: Swallowed In The Sea will be the next single.


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Listening to it the other day, it actually follows the same formula as "Fix You"(start out slow and simple, add an extra instrument or two after the first chorus, after second chorus go all-out, return to simplicity during final verse), which everyone knows is going to be a single, so I doubt the boys would release 'Swallowed' if "Fix You" was already out, but in a not-terribly-parallel universe, I suppose I could see this song in "Fix You"'s place.


I think "White Shadows" is a given for #3; "Square One" lacks something, and I love "Low", but the alck of melody should automatically negate it as a single(you can't really hum it; what good's a Coldplay song on the radio if you won't be humming it afterward?), plus the wise order of singles is to alternate between ballads and rockers -- and "Fix You" ain't no rocker.

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so many songs could be a single and everyone says when a song is released you get sick of hearing it so much but that doesn't ruin a song forever .....

it could be a classic .. and it is nice to have a video to a song ... so there are advantages to releasing a single for fans who've already heard the song .....

we're just acting like spoilt children :P

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i just watched Coldplay X&Y Inside Track on VH2 and they were talking about a few of the songs and how they made them ... nothing that already hasn't been heard but anyway they didn't go through all of the songs on the album and i was thinking the songs they did go through are possible releases ... no Swallowed In The Sea... they were:


- Speed Of Sound

- X&Y

- Square One

- A Message

- Talk

- Fix You


maybe they are just the songs they could tell stories about but i don't know they sound like potential singles to me :D and we know Speed Of Sound and Fix You are singles already :P

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