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Swallowed in the sea - amsterdam - swallowed in th....ect/


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recently I've been playing a set that consisted muchly of the more anthemic coldplay tunes, and to finish the set more epically I want to play either amsterdam or swallowed in the sea, but they're both as good as the other and I'm stuck. which would you rather hear as the last song in a set if you went to a local gig?

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I don't know but to me when you put Swallowed in The Sea and Amsterdam in the same sentence,it just doesn't make sense,because to me Amsterdam is miles and miles better,one of Coldplay's best,while the other is merely a mediocre Coldplay song,so what I'm saying here is I'd rather hear AMSTERDAM.

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'Amsterdam' - just because of the huge climax (*snigger*) at the start of the last verse


Althought I do prefer 'Swallowed In The Sea' as a song, I don't think it's end-of-set material.


But I agree that 'Fix You' would be even better.


yeah i kind of agree with you, swallowed in the sea isn't a closing song. fix you is an amazing close. amsterdam is a good closer as well, so i voted for that over swallowed in the sea. not sure which i like better though.


twisted logic could make a pretty good closer.

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