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describe your perfect man!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Oh my!! Why didn't I think of this thread before....... :stunned: :laugh3:


ok so my perfect man would have to be a musician.. guitarist preferably (bass included) He'd definitely needs to be intelligent, sense of humor a must, sharp dresser, caring, loyal, and have a love for music. He has to be taller than me... if he's older than me, even better.. :wink3: If he were British, oh dear Lord.. I would die!!! Yea.. that pretty sums it up.. I dont need him to have certain hair color or eye color.. as long as I can get lost in his gaze... then its all good... :)


oh my... I think I've just described Daniel Kessler.. :shocked:



:P but its the truth.... :embarrased:

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the perfect man for me has to be



ugly(so no bitches try to take him away :P )jk

a big sense of humor


preferably tall

its ok if he doesnt like coldplay as long as he still buys me coldplay stuff and he takes me to coldplay's concerts :P

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I recently thought of the same thing - "If you could pick one of the guys, who would it be?", and surprisingly, I thought:




Chris is simply too good to be true, Guy is too hot to be true and Will .. I don't want a drummer, it has to be a guitarist, and as Guy simply blooows me away with his "sexyness", I wouldn't survive being with him :lol: But Jonny.. Jonny's simply perfect: Shy (I have to admit something: when he acts that shy and quiet, it TURNS ME ON :wink3: ), but still very humorous! Very good-looking (sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who thinks that), with a good sense of fashion.


And damn - he's Chris' best friend, could it be any better? And he's in the greatest band in the world (okay, that also fits to the other guys :lol: ), harr harr!


Well, anyway - for me, Jonny's the perfect man :D

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