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I am very amazed at how many different nationalities are here and how many people come from lots of different places


Tell us about ur culture---country---traditions--anything we dont know about ur nationality


Also---i dont know many of the flags around so would u care to state your country?

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country: México

food: spicey,colorful

traditional clothes: very colorful, and all is handmade

mexican celebrations: the deads day.... we remember the people that it´s gone by making them offers (i dont know if that the correct word) of food they liked when they were alive...

and everyone says we are really kind with turists...

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Betty la fea?? OF COURSE!! it was a big hit here....mwahahahhaha i laughed a lot watching that thing...specially with "el cuartel de las feas" mweahahahahhaha.....

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Country: Malaysia


It's a multi-cultural, multi-racial and multi-religious country... Three main ethnicities - Malay, Chinese, Indian, plus the indigenious people (aka Orang Asli)... These minorities number in the dozens (if not hundreds). We're friendly people, the country's a food haven and is (or at least was) the world's No. 1 producer of semiconductor chips :idea2:... ...:snore:





We also had the world's tallest building for a few years- the Petronas Twin Towers. Things to be proud of: We all live in peace despite our differences culturally, racially etc; and successfully overcame communist terrorists/guerillas that threatened to overturn the government and turn our country into a communist haven early on in our history when we first obtained independence. :smug:


Interesting facts: We don't wear shoes at home, the Malays and Indians traditionally eat with their fingers, the Chinese have a special days to commemorate the dead and celebrate the August full-moon, while the indigenious people of Borneo have harvest festivals in May :o

Or is that :dozey:... ... :snore:



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Country: Brazil

Food: Depends on which region are you visiting.

People: All kind of mixtures you can find.

Beautiful beaches (especially Northeast), people there know how to treat tourists.

President: Dumb, illiterate and I wish him to leave the presidence soon :D

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country: Switzerland




A lot of mountains, only few pretty small towns, many small villages




food: Saussagges and 'Rösti' (Patatoes), Bichermüesli (yoghurt with different fruits), Chocolate

languages: German, French, Italian, 'Rätoromanisch'

traditional clothes: differnt from Kanton to Kanton. Only very traditional people in are wearing them on some events.


Traditional events: 1st August ('Foundation' of Switzerland)

Most people are celebrating this in biger groups. Important is the traditional music...people often sing together. there are Swiss flags everywhere. Rockets. Typical food saussages and bread. There is a big fire in many villages time.

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Tradition that's very famous is Midsummer. That's the time of the year when Swedes rises a big pole decorated with flowers that supposed to represent the male reproducting organ and and we sing "little frogs, little frogs, are funny to see" and the dance around it acting like frogs saying "kvack, kvack, kvack".

Then there's some food like sill (raw pickled fish) and a lot and lots of beer and hard bread and fresh potatoes..


See? Swedes are perfectly normal. :D :rolleyes:

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Country: Brazil

President: Dumb, illiterate and I wish him to leave the presidence soon :D


r you talking about LULA???

It means squid, doesn'it? :lol:

I'm sorry, but when my brazilian friends told me that I couldn't stop laughing :D :P




Country: Italy

Food; pasta, pasta, pasta :D ....no...also tortellini and lasagne with every kind of sauce....this is traditional, but you can find different type of food in every region

Beautiful country landscapes but also beaches for Summer holidays and also Mountains villages where you can go skiing during the Winter holidays ;)

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