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Which bands were you introduced to / amazed by at Live8?

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I've been downloading and listening to songs off the Live8 site



I'm amazed at the number of bands that were there and all the music that was played. I heard many bands for the first time and found myself liking their music. There were also many older bands which I got introduced to and their music really rocked. Of course there were bands that fell flat on their noses...


So what did Live8 do for you musically? My socks were totally knocked off by Placebo and Velvet Revolver. Pink Floyd, the Who and Paul McCartney really rocked... Never knew "old geysers" like them could still pack it in :thumbsup: And finally got to hear other bands like Kaiser Chiefs, the Killers, and Jet live... they were really good :D


What bands did you hear for the first time and which ones left you :stunned: (both the good and the bad)?

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Well, I agree with that, and althougth I tried to watch it all, I can't believe I miss Jet!!! :cry:

Anyway I did like most of them, and the group A-Ha was cool too, I didn't know they were together still. Good for them!!! :D

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