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the "let's say goodbye to amanda" thread


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so i'm bored. and i won't be here for much longer. so i want to say bye to all of you! :kiss:

i'm going to camp for 3 weeks, i'm leaving on wednesday. i'm pretty busy right now, so i'll hopefully pop in once or twice to check before i leave!


i'm REALLY hoping someone would be kind enough to keep track of all the coldplay gig downloads that i'll be missing while i'm at camp! i'd hate to miss some of them.

if someone would be kind enough to send whatever it is i missed, i'd be happy to send them something that i might have that they don't, if whoever it is wants something.



[email protected] :)


don't forget to keep me updated on what i miss, because when i come back i'll either make another thread to fill me in, or bump this one up :P


so now...how's everyone doing? :D

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i'm really excited :D

yeah it's going to be awesome.

and it's not actual "camping". we're not in tents, we're in cabins, and we don't eat around the fire and stuff. we have activities and things. it's really fun.

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