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Your Favorite Month


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gee, I wonder who will pick a month that doesn't have their birthday in it..


greedy bastards..


Exactly! Hahah


I was born in February, and it sucks. I love December though, because its only a few months away from my birthday :nice:

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September, not quite winter, but not quite summer, either. A month of transformations and death, but also of rejuvenations and life. My birthday month (the 24th; gonna be 17 WOOT). You can still see green on the trees, but also gold, red, yellow, and brown. People start buying pumpkins in preparation for All Hallows' Eve. (I like that term better than Halloween.) The first hint of cold winds brush across the streets as the fall fashion ads start going up on television. (Don't watch television anymore, so not sure if that's accurate.)

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Are you serious?


absolutely. I love the dark, rain and miserable weather. The colder the better. And I was born in Nov as well


I can actually relate to that, I love when its just getting really dark and miserable in like October. I like being outside and being freezing all day and then coming inside to warmth, you just dont get that feeling with good weather.

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