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Here's a Coldplay wallpaper I made...


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Hey guys, thanks for the compliments! :D


It's not too hard to get the pictures from the video, actually. I have iTunes, and I just took screenshots. Then, just cut everything apart and put it how you like it. If you have any minor experience with Paint (an easy program to begin with), I'm sure you could do one with any video! I have a U2--All Because of You one in the same style. I'll post that if anyone wants it.


And I'm sure I'll be tempted to do a Fix You one when it hits iTunes!

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Sure! It's pretty easy, actually.


I have iTunes...so it's how I get my videos (not sure if you can make them any other way). Just screenshot your favorite parts of the video. To do that, just use the Prt Sc screen on your computer. Then, I just use Microsoft Paint to arrange the things the way I like them. For the Coldplay one, I put the four pics together, and saved them as one picture. Then, I tiled the Speed of Sound cover, and finally pasted the four pics over the tiled cover. And just like that, you have a wallpaper!


The U2 one was a bit more difficult. :/ I had to draw the lines and make them even by hand. Also, to put the "U2//All Because of You," I had to copy and paste the characters I needed, since you have to buy the Clarendon font for $125. Then, I had to color the letters pixel by pixel white...NOT fun!


It sounds complicated, but once you get the hang of it, it's not so hard!

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