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100 posts in 3days


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Ok..so ive just noticed a couple of posts ago that i was nearing100, and i looked at when i joined and it was 3dasy ago.


Surly this is a good achievment...or maybe it just shows that i have nothing better to do with my life.


What would you say???


im i a loser???

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^ me???? :angry: I'll ban you right now mister!!!! :angry: :angry: :angry:









































I keeed I keeed.. I don't have that kind of power... *shuffles off* but I can do this...


*throws a tomato*

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Just make sure you don't get the 200 posts in one day, because then you'll be punished (the board won't give you bling anymore then :angry: )

That's what I got.. so I think 100 posts in 3 days isn't thát bad :P

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well alot of mixed views, glad to see that some people dont think im crazy...Its just i havent been out, casue my friedns are all busy so i have been on my computer loads...i think im going to need it removed from my finger tips before long.


Also someone called me a guy im a GIRL thank you very much :smug:

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