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Woah, y'know I found that like only 10 minutes ago, and Ive already forgotten.


Maybe Ians leading a secret double deutch life :shocked:




wonder if speaking german to him will unveil his evil plans?

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Acknowledge my brilliant pun :thinking:




what pun? :P























oh, that one!! :D :kiss:


You know, goggling coldplaying is relatively interesting. Apart from the original & best board and its earlier incarnations, it interesting the number of times sites appear because they used ian's news articles as sources for their own info. that and there's a blog out their called coldplaying which appears to be written in arabic or greek or some scary-lettered language like that!

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Its ANOTHER coldplaying :stunned: Like a twin. Its just as good and everything.




Its another coldplaying forum, which is odd. There are no posts and no members, just 1 administrator. And it looks like shat.

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