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(My band) Sinfonia- Full Album


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EDIT: All links fixed, September 11th.


Band- Sinfonia- Album-Nothing I, There is is My


I usually post my band's stuff in the Instrument room but its hard to get people to listen there.


We just completed a 12 song album on a little mini-studio. It has it's ups and downs, because of the awkward recording process, we may go to a pro studio yet. I recommend you listen to it in the order its been given.


Any advice, comments or pure mindless criticism is welcome.


We're using Rapidshare here:

-Click on the link, scroll down, click on 'Free'

-Scroll down again, wait until the file for download appears


For those with Winzip/Winace can download it in 2 half's:

(Recommended- Winzip takes seconds to download at download.com)


1st Half:

Songs 1-6

2nd Half:

Songs 7-12


Song by song:


1. Welcome to the Feeling


2. All Feelings Spared


3. Son of Ada


4. There's a Way


5. Blue Tax


6. Second Best


7. Heat


8. After the Wave


9. Follow Her


10. Sqea


11. Opportunity to Think


12. Cut Short


I sing on most of it, the band is me and one other guy. For live shows we have a drummer. The other guy wrote some of the songs, I wrote some of them, and some of them we both kinda made together. I play guitar and drums on different parts, as does he. He sings on the intro in that distorted voice thing.

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Guest LiquidSky

It's going to take a me while to d/l all of them Rei, but the intro sounds good ;) I liked that one a lot ;)

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I got the first 4.

Wow long intro to the first song :lol: :o I really like the acoustic feel of the first one and at first was a bit like wooooo by the crazy vocal effects but it kinda fits after listening for the first 2 minutes :lol: :idea2: Kind of Radiohead - kid A era feel to it.. Good opener :)


All feeling spared I liked aswell. I'd heard it before but it was called something else :idea2:


Son of Ada had a soundgarden feel to it (sorry for the comparrisons, just take them as compliments!) Vocals were a bit off but the music was ace!


There's a way really reminded me of metallica - one (which is one of my favourite songs ever!) I think this one is my favourite one so far :)

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Thanks for the feedback Fifi!


Its weird because I thought Son of Ada was the ONLY song where my vocals werent off haha but I do see what you mean, my voice drags out of tune. Soundgarden makes sense. We thought it was more like Tool.


Thanks again. Im glad you liked 'em.

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