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I'm BAAAAAAACK! the "let's all welome amanda back"


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ook so i made my goodbye thread, and this is my thread now that i'm back :cool: i talked to a few people, but not for that long! how's everyone doing, and what did i miss? i'm sorting through the multimedia section :lol: :P still a hell of a lot to go through, i've barely even started.

so how's everyone doing? i'll post about camp later, i can't do it right now :stunned:

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that is cool........i mean it because sometimes i also like you....but then i just listen some none album track and i am just happy........and if i bored with non album tracks too then i just put some oasis in and that is also cool........but coldplay is the best ever.......so welcome back miss sunshine.....nice to see you again

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ok so here's my crazy camp story.


Well let’s see… so at camp we have lots of activities. I went sailing, wakeboarding, tubing, buddy boarding, biking, had arts and crafts, kayaking, rock climbing (I didn’t get that far), this huge swing thing it’s hard to explain, sort of like bungee jumping…, canoe, we had a cookout, I went on a hike through Algonquin Park, went to another camp because I was on the volleyball team, had dances (including an outdoor dance), low ropes, swimming, had a carnival…ahh that’s all I can think of mostly right now. so I have a few stories for whoever wants to read. this one is the longest and probably most interesting.


So it was a pretty nice day, and I’m all excited to go tubing. It’s basically when you sit/lie down on a big blown up tube and get dragged behind a speedboat. But there was a severe thunderstorm warning, so we were told that if anything happens to head right back to our cabins. When we get there we are informed that we aren’t going to go tubing because of the warning. So we’re just hanging around and looking in the ski shed where some counselors are playing xbox (amazingly a few of the sheds are pretty nice with Nintendo and stuff). So this counselor comes over to us to shoo us away and its like a movie. Right before he gets close to the window the game turns off during while they are playing it. then my counselor says that we should really start moving, right after it suddenly got a little colder. So we look across the lake and literally see black fog coming towards us, so we start a fast walk. By the time we get to where the kayaks and canoes are it just HITS us. It was like we were in a dust storm, the wind almost knocked me over, and then it just started POURING! So I have a towel with me that I was going to use after going tubing so I put it over my head and we start running to the cabin. We took a short cut, but we went in the wrong way so it took a little longer. So while we’re running back there’s lightning and thunder SO loud. And we pass a cabin and there are a bunch of girls huddled OUTSIDE of a cabin on the porch, but I also noticed a guy on the porch, one of my friends. But we were in too much of a rush to stop. Later I found out that the girls and counselors wouldn’t let him inside during a fucking thunderstorm because he was a guy and it’s against the rules to let a guy inside of a girl’s cabin! How stupid is that?! It made me really angry, he could have gotten hurt! i'm sure in those conditions it would have been allowed!


So we ran back to the cabin and were completely soaked. There were already 2 people in there that were somewhere else when it started, and they were scared, so while we’re drying off and getting changed some girl goes “oh my god” and covers her mouth and points outside near the top of the cabin in the front where the window is. We all look, and there is a tree through our roof! Like this HUGE piece (the part of the trunk of the tree) sticking through our porch roof, we were so lucky that it didn’t go through the actual cabin, but it could have VERY easily. And the 2 girls that were in there earlier told us that they had heard something but weren’t sure what it was. One of my counselors found a piece of the cabin wall on her pillow! So we were just waiting for the storm to end. Hehe reilly, I played the thunder game! I kind of forgot part of it though. For every second after you see the lightning and then hear the thunder, that’s how many kilometers away it is or something like that?


So that was basically it. There was massive damage done to the camp, power lines were down and we ate lunch in the dark. Oh, and a 4,000 pound tree completely crushed one of the main directors cabins, they had to re-build it. Luckily, no one was in it when it happened. Lots of trees had fallen down, and part of the ground got torn up by sail, you could see the pipe running through the ground!


I took some pictures of the damage with my cameras, I haven’t taken them in yet but whenever I do I’ll scan them and put them up hopefully! So that’s enough for story time today kids, I’ll tell you some more tomorrow probably.

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