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I made a modified AROBTTH


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I made a AROBTTH with its b-sides at the end. The tracklisting went:


Regular Album 1-11

12. I Bloom Blaum

13. I Ran Away

14. Murder

15. Animals

16. One I Love

17. 1.36


I would have included Crests of Waves but I ran out of room (damn 80 minute cds) and I like all the above b-sides better. It's a kick ass cd. I did the same thing with Parachutes and X&Y. Have y'all done anything like this, and if so do tell.

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For Parachutes I put Help is 'Round the Corner, Careful Where You Stand, and For You at the end.


For X&Y, I put the old version of Talk between Fix You and the reg. Talk, and added How You See The World and Things I Don't Understand to the end of the cd.


I'm going to do the same for the new Oasis album once more b-sides come out.

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