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Poor Me > Pour Me?


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So it turns out that Poor Me is actually called Pour Me, allegedly. :stunned:


Which just doesn't make any sense at all. To me or anyone else?


So I put it in babel fish. French to English.




And it came back with "For Me", which makes a lot more sense (just with a french title). :cool:


Could this be Chris using his linguistic skills to give a nod to his french fans?

Or is pour me actually the title of it, meaning to be the english understanding of it, e.g, out of a teapot? :o

Or has the official site and many other places got it wrong and it actually has been Poor Me all along? (Which it should be?)

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On the back of the CD case (Fix You single) it says Pour Me - Live at the Hollywood Bowl"


I always thought it was Pour me... :S Where did the Poor me thing come from?


Some fans have known about / heard this song before the Fix You single was released... There's even been recordings shared around here... We've always previously referred to this song as "Poor Me"... Right up until the band startled all of us by officially calling it "Pour Me" and throwing a spanner in the works. So now, some of us call it by its new name while some of us still refuse to recognise it as "Pour Me" and still refer to it as "Poor Me" :rolleyes:


Personally, I think both work fine. But the band might have decided to take the less obvious choice in naming the song :P

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It's Pour Me, and it's a play on words (poor me/pour me)..like pour me all out into the sea, it makes total sense. One of the great things about Coldplay....they are intelligent. Love, love this song!
The lyrics that make total sense to you are not the correct lyrics :thinking:

I think it should be "Poor me, floating out to sea", but you are still right that when spelled as 'pour' it has another meaning that fits well. :thumbsup:

That's also why I think that this is not a nod to their French fans, as the topic starter suggested. In the way of "For me" it doesn't make so much sense.

I don't mind topics being resurrected when someone actually makes a decent contribution (which is of course totally subjective, hahaha!) and also if that way we avoid a new topic started about the same subject.


having a wordplay going on like this one, doesn't impress me though ... if it only takes a wordplay to be an intelligent band, then there seem to be a whole lot of intelligent bands around. For example the band U2 :P or Moi Caprice with lyrics that I quite like:

Us begins with you, we begin with double you. Strange that you begin with why


Or Ginuwine with distasteful lyrics like:

Ride it my pony. My saddle's waiting. Come and jump on it


Or Chef in Southpark:

Say, everybody, have you seen my balls/they're big and salty and brown/if you ever need a quick pick-me-up/just stick my balls in your mouth



I'm justa giving the dog a bone


Or Kelis:

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard


Or Bryan Adams:

Me and my baby in 69

And all those bands singing about coming (you know)


Nah, I know it’s about what the wordplay is about, but I just liked to pick some ridiculous examples. :escaping2:

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