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Official England Football Team Thread ....

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talk about anything to do with England here :D ...


seems that the latest topic surrounding England is what formation to play ... a 4-5-1 like against Wales or a 4-4-2, i personally think a 4-5-1 with Beckham as a holding midfielder will not work long term and i think a 4-4-2 is what will be used in the World Cup 2006 ...


talking about the World Cup, we have no chance with Sven as manager :rolleyes:

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My England Team would be a 3 - 5 - 2 formation



Fernidand Campell Terry


A Cole, J Cole, Lampard, Beckham

Wright Phillips

Owen Rooney


with Beckham on the right wing/ free role... W phillips can drop back in support.

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no Beckham just told him to stop swearing and having a go at the ref and tried to cool him down ...


anyway Rooney is a great player and i think that aggression is a part of him that comes out when he gets frustrated by the way the team are playing and i'm not surprised the way Sven organises England! ... Rooney doesn't get like that playing for Man Utd ... just plays with passion ... and with England there seems to be a lack of passion which is probably what is annoying him

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