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Chris-Veagan or Vegetarian?


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Aslo have you ever thought that some people might be dislexic??? I have to be the worse speller in the world and was having spelling lessions up until i was 18...i stopped going though cause people kepted taking the piss out of me, so im trying to teach myself...which isnt easy :(

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I'm pretty much a perfectionist at everything I do, so if I go back and see that I posted something and misspelled it, I end up editing the entire thing.


But I'm a little :dizzy2: LOL!!!!!


Yet there are those times, on Saturday nights, when I'm all alone and find the bottle of Sangria.... Then come on here and post random drunken slurrs all over the place. :lol: :rolleyes:


I really don't mind people's spelling and I think it's a bit silly to nitpick at how people type. It's ONLY WHEN PEOPLE TALK LIKE THIS ALL IN CAPS AND NO PUNCTUATION AND THEN SPEL THINSG WRNGO THAT I GET ANNOYED LOL.


:P I love when threads go off topic!

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