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Coldplay blow their chance at No.1 already this week.


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fact is, the majority of the people who bought xy are on the bandwagon


if they cant sell out the reebok stadium (the pitch was half empty when i went) then you can hardly claim they are the biggest band in the UK


Exactly, there`s more to a band than album or single sales.


The tours are really where a band shows how big they are, I mean, Oasis aren`t big in America and still sold out MSG and always sell out gigs in their homeland, and U2`s shows are almost always sell outs.


Coldplay chose that one night at the Reebok to film their video because it was one of the only shows of theirs that had sold out, but you can`t claim to be the biggest if the only thing you`ve got to back it up is the biggest sales of one album.

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What I don't understand is when people bitch about Coldplay being too popular and that the new fans are sell outs. Then they bitch about them not being popular enough. :huh:


I really don't understand this ranking/comparing/whatever it is stuff. Do any of us honestly listen to, say, Fix You differently now because it didn't make it to number one?

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