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Everything's Not Lost Live Piano Improv at the end


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Hey, I was wondering if any piano experts could tab out or help out with the chords and notes at the end of Everything's Not Lost live, the part where Chris is just jamming at the end. I worked out a part of it but I don't know the bass notes or the chord progression.


The notes for the melody go, 4th octave Eb Db B Ab and then back up B Db Eb, I'm guessing a B in the bass (left hand).


Thanks, Chris is amazing on the piano, his improvised jams are awesome live (esp. for Politik, Scientist(listen to the one at Coachella)).


Oh, another request, Swallowed in the Sea live piano part at the end where it's just Chris. Beautifully amazing, (3rd B, 4th Eb 4th F# 4th B 5th Eb 4th Bb.... something like that) Thanks all (and kapone, I'm still waiting for that Swallowed in the Sea guitar ad lib j/k take your time, I appreciate your help)

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