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Chris-Interview In 'Galore' [translated] -> Part 4!!


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hmm you mean this voice thingy? well they have cancelled shows before i don't know if its for the same thing though.


speaking of which last year i was going to go to a Radiohead concert, i was so excited. my sis and i were walking to the venue- when we saw dark clad people

who were giving out flyers- what they said left me shattered and a bit angry too.

Thom had prob with his voice.


i was really devastated cause they r not getting younger and i don't think they will be doing a concert any time soon :cry: :bigcry:



sori i rattle on a bit sometimes :embarrased:

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right then, finished another page... that one was really complicated and I hope there aren't too many mistakes. :/

I'll also update the first post of this thread, if you want to read to whole thing again.



this is page 2 of 5






One does not hear a positive review of the media like this one very often…


C: "I don’t laud the media. I’m just talking about its effect and its power to confine people in their minds. But of course there are things that were possible then but aren’t realisable anymore today. For example, I don’t know if an artist like David Bowie would still be able to reinvent himself that often today, as he did in the 70s and 80s."




My view of a Rockstar in the 70s was mainly stamped by a certain unconcern of everything. Whether drugs or sex: Rock’n’Roll did not only meant thinking about it, but rather picking up everything. When it comes to you, one might think you’re rather concerned about everything…


C: (thinks) "That is certainly an aspect of my personality. It is a very simple truth but it’s true: Everything has two sides. This is why there is so much experience of life in “X&Y”. It is true that I’m concerned about many things. But the public is in fact focusing on the negative aspects too much. I just as well feel comfortable or sense things as thrilling – in an absolute positive way. I’m caught in a never-ending-loop: Sometimes I’m down, quarrelling with a lot of things. Sometimes I get going again. A never-ending cycle – and the worried Chris Martin is part of that."




Aren’t there any situations when you forget the loop and enjoy a longer stop on cloud nine instead?


C: (thinks) "It is always a mixture of being up and down. To many questions I do not know the exact answers, so it variegates all the time: Everything’s fine, everything’s bad, everything’s fine… That is actually how I feel when it comes to love as well – as soon as I have the feeling that everything is wonderful, soon scepticism and anxiety creep in. But I think many people have the same feelings as well nowadays."




Does that loop of feelings damage the fun of life?


C: "Not necessarily. Despite the knowledge that there are always two sides, you just mustn’t forget to enjoy the good side [not directly translated… he talks about enjoying “a medal of life” or something?]. I can manage that, I’ve learned it."




In which situations can you manage it best?


C: "I can let go while I’m surfing – and while I’m watching a Woody Allen movie."



Interesting that you mention Woody Allen. For many people he’s the embodiment of the ever-worried person, who has killed the idea of romantic because of his critical thoughts about the relationship between men and women.


C: "I have to disagree! There are Woody Allen movies that have made me believe in romantic after watching them at last. His view of the complicated cooperation of gender is refreshingly human. His movies give me an important message: Every person is so fucked-up that I needn’t worry when I’m fucked-up as well from time to time. (laughs) By the way, what I wish to get from Woody Allen are sequels of his best movies. I would love to know what the guy in “Der Stadtneurotiker” [don’t know the English title] or “Manhattan” has become after the movie ends. But I don’t think he appreciates my idea."




We’ve already talked about worries. Are you an anxious person?


C: "I don’t think so, no. I can trust other people in general. For example I don’t have a problem with getting on a plane and being dependent on all those unexplainable technical equipments or not-known experts. When I recently flew to Ghana to catch up on Fair Trade, the situation was very dangerous and there were huge difficulties because of a sandstorm. I only got to know afterwards that the man in the cockpit was a former Bosnian military pilot. Probably he thought he was at war again. (laughs) But he brilliantly got us through it. I perfectly know that there are so many disgusting people out there who spread negative energy. But there is at least the same amount of good energy and good people who deserve my trust."




as you already know, there is still more to come... maybe tomorrow or at the weekend at last. ;)

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