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Chris-Interview In 'Galore' [translated] -> Part 4!!


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done! :D I thought you've waited long enough, hehe...

so, here's the last part. check the first post in this thread to read the whole interview... ;)






Now that you mention Sting: You’ve once railed about Yoga, saying these practices are only for Sting and Hippies…


C: …and now I’m doing them myself! I know, no one thinks Yoga is cool in any way, but it’s really good for me. I’m on a level where I could eat as much chocolate as I can. And you have to be careful, because suddenly you are a fat singer and I’d like to prevent that for the next records…




Isn’t it weird that many things, such as biological food or saving the environment cause people to rail about it?


C: Freaky, isn’t it? Yet we’re a terrible and jealous species. Counting me in as well: Great, but terrible. That is how human beings are. You know, this morning I saw the Queen at the airport in London. When I looked at her with a very curious view, I was like, man, the Queen is just a human being as well. She, too, has her mistakes, battles and her little delights. And she has to go to the toilet in the morning as well (laughs).




Do you like the Windsors?


C: Yes, I like them. I don’t fell the need to talk to the Queen though, but I like that whole Soap Opera about the Royal Family.




So you do read the yellow pages?


C: No, it would drive me mad. But the reason why I and so many others are into gossip is, that the other news are too sad. It is easier to talk about Victoria and David Beckham than about fiscal policy. But my sympathy for the Royal Family has another reason as well: I believe that it is good for a country when there are two types of power. One that is elected and another one that passes its power through the law of inheritance. Prince Charles for an example: He is a great person but yet he has mainly a negative press in England. But for the fact he will inherit the Thrown someday anyway, he does not have to worry about it. He supports many welfare organizations – and without showing that engagement too much. He does not bother about campaigns because he does not have to worry about the election.




That’s what happened to your Prime Minister Tony Blair during the last elections: Although he was strongly criticized because of the Iraq War, his reelection was never in question due to few alternatives…


C: A delightful situation because Blair and the whole party didn’t have to concentrate on the opponents, but instead were able to focus on solving problems. Blair fought with much enthusiasm for campaigns like Make Poverty History or the cancellation of a debts for Third World countries. Otherwise, politicians tend to deal with lower topics in order to win the election. Look at America: gay-marriage, abortion – isn’t that already old news? These are all topics, where politics try to interfere in peoples’ lives, instead of dealing with important topics: finding jobs for everyone, establishing a good health-system, caring for the environment.




Does that kind of politics make you aggressive?


C: Not necessarily, because I perfectly know that these politics are very clever. The ladies and gentlemen who want to be elected know how get peoples’ consent (agreement?). It is just sad that the trick is still working well. The old classification in good and bad…




Finally, one last question that really interests manhood: how does it feel, knowing out there are millions of women who adore you? (:D)


C: Do you believe that they exist? :lol:




Straight after this interview, four women of different ages are going to call me, because they are dying to know what it was like talking to you…


C: Well – and now that’s no bullshit: I think life is exciting and I’m a positive person. But there is something in my head, that I can describe best by using a quote from a Woody Allen movie: “If there is just one person out there who is unhappy, I am unhappy myself.” It’s quite the same with me: When I think about this interview later, I won’t think about the four women who adore me, but about the guys you mentioned who are pissed when they see me in the newspapers. There’s something inside of me that won’t let me accept that I’m a famous singer…



THE END. ~~~

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sweet interview! thanks so much for posting it and the translation is great. i took german in hs, i know how hard it is to translate. lol


ps, that picture of the cover is amazing!! i would go to germany just to get that! his eyes are so friggin blue! *stares in amazment and starts to melt* :dozey:

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Welcome :)


Someone else had started to translate the article for me a good while back, but I guess, they couldn't be arsed to finish, so, I'm glad you typed it up.


It's hard work and I appreciate it very much...;)

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@nettie: haha, yes... those pages are sometimes kinda freaky, I remember using them when I learned french at school... for the article I only used a dictionary where you can type in single words, for example all those political things... makes it easier. :)

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