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COLDPLAY frontman CHRIS MARTIN is planning to put stadium rock to one side and work on a country album with a hip-hop flavour.


The SPEED OF SOUND hitmaker is so keen to expand his musical boundaries, he is planning a collaboration with retired country singer GARTH BROOKS, KANYE WEST and legendary hip-hop producer TIMBALAND.


The 28-year-old says, "Country is a very sleeping beast within us. We have two things we're not allowed to do - country and rap - just because of where we're from.


"So I think they'll rear their heads at some point in the future. In fact, I think the only future for music is if you bring together the most disparate worlds.


"That would be an album between Garth Brooks, Coldplay and Kanye West and produced by Timbaland."

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I find this to be very heartbreaking.

I finally find music that I am in love with, to say the least, and then they are goin to go and change it.

I feel like Im being left in the cold.

And like I wont have that music that means the world to me.


please coldplay, go back to normal eventually. :( :cry:

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Aww mandymcnabb' date=' i know what you mean, dont worry, im sure Chris is only joking (i hope!), and even if they do do it then it'll probably only be a one-off kinda thing; im sure they wont be changing their music style so drastically![/quote']


I agree...If this is for real I can't see them NOT going back to what has got them to this point ;) .

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