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cf's Birthday(6th october)

Gitta Rensolo

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Hey cf! Everybody in my class knows your Kill Bill sig now. And most of them love it ^^ it hangs at the pinboard in our classroom now and they wrote comments below it :lol:


What? Lol crazy :D


I want to hear the comments *g*



They were like: "Ugly Woman"

"Ich muss durch den Konsum" (can't be translated well)

and a very Franconian sentence (as we speak in Bamberg): "Jetzt lasst halt den armen Buu der kann doch aa nix daferra! Su a Gschmarr! :)"

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@MorningGlory: Hehe, "Ich muss durch den Konsum" is good :D

Uhm .. btw .. do you live in UK or in Germany? Oo


@Julia: No, I don't have one now. I need money and at the moment, there are a few more important things :)


@all others: Yeah, thanks again :D

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