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cf's Birthday(6th october)

Gitta Rensolo

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I see how it is!! My birthday was on Monday and no one said nothin'.....I even put it on the calendar!!! :angry:


Oh well, happy birthday to you belated :)

Did you have good celebration?

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Hey cf! Everybody in my class knows your Kill Bill sig now. And most of them love it ^^ it hangs at the pinboard in our classroom now and they wrote comments below it :lol:


What? Lol crazy :D


I want to hear the comments *g*

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Hallo Ingmar!!! Wie geht es? :P


Happy birthday, I hope you all the best and your wishes will come true :) Enjoy YOUR day!!!


*Coldplay Lover* -> Sorry, I didn't know it, happy birthday to you too!!


(By the way, I'll have my birthday this sunday..)

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