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Jonny Buckland - you rule!!!


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Guest LiquidSky

Violent? :huh:


Me being violent? oh please.... I would never do such thing... :angel:



and yes I want to kiss his eyes.... or his mouth......? :wink3: :lol:

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hehe yer amen Lea...........plus i love it when Jonny giggles on an MTV interview that they did....he was next to Guy and Guy said that they could have got sued if the used sum1 elses head on the album cover....and he started larfin and it was the cutest thing ever(oh and Guys smile was luffly lol)




















































































































































































































































and breathe :lol: :lol: :lol: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned:

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Guest LiquidSky


I think in that way we would have to play a little game first and see who wins and whoever wins goes first :wink3:






or maybe fight over him...





-"No bitch! He is mine! Get your dirty hands off him, you slut!"

-"Don't be calling me no bitch, you stupid bitch!"

and everybody starting to fight.......

*end of imaginning*



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