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I think I should share this with all of you.

the modern age

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Guest LiquidSky
I met chris after his radio interview in Atlanta. in addition to the picture, he also signed my AROBTTH album.




Aww nice picture! Did he say anything to you? :idea2:


Thanks for the pix :wink:

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Aww! What a great picture! ;D


And I'm so INSANELY jealous because I live in Atlanta but I was in SCHOOL instead of standing outside of the studio. I heard there really weren't that many people there and he spent lots of time with everyone.


Garrr. Education sucks.


But I DID go to the show that previous night though so I can't complain... at all really. Fucking brilliant.


Oh, and I love Sigur Ros. Their new album is awesome. Went to their show last month. Amazing.

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