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Ladder To The Sun


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I don't know if this the right place to ask, but does anyone have the original shn or flac file for "Ladder to the Sun". My version is only 160 kbps. The tag says it was from the Bell Centre Montreal (Live) [2003.02.25] performance. It also says encoded by Xing (Guess). I'm sure that the lossless version of this show is somewhere out there. Thank you.

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your best bet is looking on the coldplay hub on dc++ for lossless. There are two versions of ladder to the sun floating out there, I have both in lossy. The one from Bell Centre is a better file, because there's less background noise, but they do the song better on the Austin Texas gig file (1/29/03) ...

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I finally acquired the SHN version of " Ladder To The Sun" (lossless). How could this song not be acknowledged and shared with the rest of the world? PM me for a link to "Laddder To The Sun" in lossless (SHN).



"I had it all and I risked it all..."

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Ladder To The Sun- FLAC(Lossless)


This is dedicated to everything that Coldplaying.com has helped me discover/enjoy so far. Long live Coldplay (in lossless)!


Coldplay [2003.02.25] - Bell Centre Montreal (Live)

"Ladder To The Sun"

Please post comments if you enjoy this share. It makes me willing to share more of my Coldplay collection

Thank You!

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I'm still holding out for a studio version of 'Ladder to The Sun'. Easily one of the most anticipated new songs from the 3rd album that (obviously) did not make the cut for 'X & Y'....and up until now we still don't have B-Side of it either.


Unfortunately, at this point I don't think we will be hearing it anytime soon....Although, we have had a fourth single for 'Parachutes' and 'Rush of Blood to The Head' I am not counting on a fourth single for 'X & Y'....


I thought I remembered hearing (from a few different sources) that the gentlemen were rather eager to get back into the studio and record some new material....


The good news is that it would result in a 'New album' with 'New material' sooner rather than later....The bad news is that for us hardcore fans, the likelyhood of hearing studio versions of 'Ladder To The Sun', 'Moses', 'Solid Ground', 'Pour Me', 'Marrianne', or 'World Turns Upside Down' (original version)....is becoming rather miniscule....


I'm still hoping we do get at least one more single....and with "Ladder To The Sun' as the B-Side.


....as usual only time will tell....I guess we will just have to wait and see....


Happy New Year All!!!!

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I really really hope that it's a B-Side to the hypothetical 4th single as well, and if not, maybe one day we'll hear it in a Coldplay box set or something!

With all their bsides and EPs it seems to me like they already have enough material for a box set so I really hope that they wouldn't cut a song like Ladder to the Sun from that as well!! :(

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