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So fellas, what do you look for in a girl?


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Re What I look for in a true woman.


I am a different type of guy...


Honesty.... most of all. I can't stand fake people.

A Assertive personality ... Let you know what's up.

Good People Skills.

And a warm heart to keep me safe. I've come accross the one but I lost it. Lets hope I can find her again. She was the one with the "Green Eyes" She was my rock that I stood on.

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I think, for me, how fun a girl is when you're spending time with her is very important, because i think romantic relationships should be a vacation from whatever politics you have with others. Also I'm a sucker for a girl that isn't afraid to show her intelligence (my cheesy romantic fantasy is to meet a wonderful girl while searching through my favorite author's books. haha) and doesn't tweak her personality to better suit mine or anyone else. I never want to be with a girl that is arrogant or demanding; just someone who knows who they are and enjoys being that person. :D

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lol! that sounds like such a boy band question.


"So Justin what do you look for in a girl?"



next week justin is seen dry humping a playboy bunny. (who obviously has a lot of personality!)

hahahaha good one

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