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4-1 against Racing,great team performance,well done Los Cules! :D

the difference between Barca and real now 6 points :P


madrid played 2-2 against Sociedad :lol:


I hope Luxemburgo will stay in madrid 4ever,he's a great,only he can make substitutes like Robinho out-Raul Bravo in when your team loses 0-2 :D :P

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Luxemburgo tatics baffle me... How can you play a 4-2-2-2 I dont think its possible to play that formation in this stone age, no one else does it... to play a team to that formation you need to have perfect balance and a very very settled team.

Any Barcelona is my team apart from Man City my first love... the Barca and Man City fans have the very same mentality when it comes to support our teams... when I was in Barcelona last week and when they beat Madrid 3- 0 ( I am still buzzing of the people celebrating now) I gatherd they dont really care if the lost the league as long as they beat Madrid and play with Spirt there happy, just like City are with Manchester United. It feels even better I guess when you beat them in their own back yard..

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