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please people check!!!!! XMAS is so close!!!


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PEOPLE!!!! ok, this is really important thats why im opening another thread, please PLEASE check if you are in the list and if your card option is correct!! please people do it! is very important, and is also to remind you that xmas is close now! so start making your cards!!!


if you are missing please, post it so i can add you!! ok? the secret santa is going to be done soon so the persons who are in this option have to be visiting the thread to see if theres any change etc.


im going to re-send everyones adress (both) to check if they are correct ok? and i will be also asking missing adresses


soon there will be another thread with everyone emails!! or you prefer me to send the emails as a PM?


tell me



ok, here is the list:


breakfast_of_champion : both

twin4life: e cards

ariadnasquaire: e cards

pennylane: both

li_cold: both

cris_santos: both

loretitus: both

sienna: e cards

an_cat: e cards

coldplay_steph: e cards

lilchick629: both

andrea: both

RJ fox: both

luigio: e cards

love_coldplay: e cards

kekita: e cards

rick8: e cards

sofy: e cards

zu: e cards

bonnie: e cards

fudge: e cards

alessa: both

Ivanneth: e cards

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^fudge' date=' you can look for christmas cards on google, and then you will find lots of them...all you need to do is find a nice one and then send it! :)[/quote']


cool, thanks! Might try to make one maself too :smug: :lol:

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^you can create e-cards on google? or you want to create your own card but don't have the means?


i wish i could email you graphic design software but perhaps not possible :huh:


you may be able to find some free trails or something.

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