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I talk shit about Coldplay

The Reckoner 00

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I heard a Coldplay song on MTV's Miss Seventeen last night and wanted to vomit for what they had been reduced to.


"Why were you watching MTV's Miss Seventeen last night?" you may ask. The answer is that Comedy Central was on break, the bulls game hadn't started yet, and VH1 was playing some stupid Fabulous Life of crap and MTV was the only channel not on break when I was flipping through. Needless to say, I caught it at just the right moment to elicit a gag reflex and an "holy shit..." for hearing Coldplay in that brief moment. I can't name the song because I'm totally unfamiliar with X & Y's drivel.

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I was watching an MTV special on Harry Potter (I don't know why, I'm not even that into Harry Potter) and they kept playing Speed of Sound and Clocks.


What the hell lmfao.


Honestly, I don't really care that much about them selling their music. But... why 'Clocks'? And WHY Harry Potter?!?!?!

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so you're saying that popularity has somewhat changed Coldplay's music?
Are you kidding? I loved X&Y....I really did. I know it took me a longer to get than the others, but one night it clicked and I adore that album as much as the others.


leave. let us worship in peace.


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